Sno's traces its roots back to the 1950s
when Leonce and Hilda Sheets operated the famous Gonzales landmark, The Airliner Restaurant. As Leonce's son Sno Sheets worked at The Airliner, he dreamed of opening his own restaurant that would be "the place to go" for Gonzales townspeople.

In 1971 that dream became a reality as Sno and his wife Bridget opened Sno's, which still operates out of the same building customers frequented back then. Through four decades, the Sheets family has maintained the tradition of providing customers good food combined with the comfortable surroundings and a family atmosphere.

Later, Sno's fourth son, Todd, began managing the restaurant. Todd spent years learning the business, perfecting family recipes and enhancing his own culinary talents by training under famous Chef Perry Fuselier, formerly of LeRuth's Restaurant in New Orleans. Today, Todd and his wife Candy continue this family tradition that began over 50 years ago.

Although Sno's is rooted in tradition, the Sheets family know it is necessary to adapt to the changing times. Since its inception in 1971 the restaurant has tripled in size, adding accommodations for rehearsal dinners, banquets and meetings. The kitchen has been outfitted with the latest equipment in order to serve the best quality food, both quickly and efficiently.

Moving Forward....
History was made in 2002 as Sno's changed it's famous "toasting oysters" logo to a new corporate identity consisting of a bull and a fish illustration that represents Sno's quality steaks and delicious seafood. But in a nod to Gonzales' rich sense of humor and Sno's quality steaks and delicious seafood, the logo features the bull holding the fish in his mouth. The distinctive logo is designed to parallel the unique dining experience customers have come to expect and position Sno's as the premier restaurant in the Gonzales area.

Although there's a new look and a new "vibe" to the restaurant, one thing that hasn't changed is the food. Chefs present consistently delicious large and small portion entrees in a variety of price ranges, including daily and nightly specials.

Creating new dishes all the time, Jarreau and Penton toil away in the kitchen until they come up with a concoction worthy of Sno's specials menu. Specialties like crab cakes, Fish Italiano, Chicken Roma, Eggplant Napoleon, and seafood chimichanga (shrimp and crawfish in a cream sauce wrapped in a flour tortilla, fried golden brown and topped with a seafood cream sauce), have earned rave reviews from customers at the same restaurant.

And some of the best specials have ended up as fixtures on Sno's regular menu, like the Superbowl Salad, the restaurant's best-selling salad offering. Sno's also brought back the popular caramel custard to the dessert menu.

Of course signature dishes like Fish Cecile, Shrimp Hilda, Duckling Dutsie, and Shrimp Casino continue to pay tribute to family recipes that Sno's customers know and love. The legendary Sno's Seafood Platter is nearly enough to satisfy two hungry customers. Sno's also offers a variety of premier cuts of steaks, from delicious filets to ribeyes, all with a variety of toppings available to enhance your dining pleasure.

But no matter what's on the menu, the folks at Sno's always make sure customers get what they want.

"Customer service is our number one goal," Sheets said. "Whatever the customer wants, we always try to give it to them. I think that's what really works."

In an effort to meet the needs of today's active households, Sno's has also added a special "Family Pack To-Go" menu. These items are available day and night to provide quick lunches for busy workers or hot meals for families on the go.

As always, Sno's has a wide range of entree prices, a full children's menu and Kid's Treasure Chest. For adults, Sno's has a comfortable lounge and patio where you can relax after work for happy hour or gather anytime for refreshing drinks, coffee and appetizers.

Both Todd and Candy Sheets invite everyone to come out for a truly satisfying dining experience sure to be enjoyed by all. If you've never had the pleasure of a meal at Sno's, you owe it to yourself to try some of the best-tasting food in South Louisiana. If you're a Sno's regular, they hope you enjoy their renovations, expanded selection, daily specials, "To-Go" menu with designated parking and all of the things they do to ensure their customers the absolute best food and service available. "This is a family restaurant and I think we treat our customers like family," Sheets said.
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Hot Appetizers
One quart serves 10-12

Spinach and Artichoke Dip
Quart $18   

Crabmeat Dutsie
Made with jumbo lump crabmeat
Quart $38  

Hot Shrimp Dip
Quart $24  

Fried Drummetts
Served w/ Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
$22 per 25  

Hot Buffalo Wings
Served w/Ranch or Blue Cheese Dressing
$22 per 25   

Fried or Blackened Alligator
Served with Remoulade Dressing
$25 per pound   

Fried or Grilled Chicken Fingers
Served with honey mustard or ranch

Shrimp Casino
golden fried shrimp wrapped in lean bacon with a slice of jalapeno pepper topped with cocktail sauce and mozzarella cheese
$42 per 25  

Fried or Marinated Crab Claws
Price per pound $25

Stuffed Mushrooms
served with hollandaise sauce
$32 per 25    

Cold Appetizers
Shrimp & Dill Dip
Quart $24  

Boiled Shrimp Tray w/ cocktail sauce
Market Price

Party Sandwich Trays
Traditional Sandwich Tray
Ham, roast beef, chicken salad on white or wheat with mayo and/or mustard cut into quarters
$30 per 60    $58 per 120

Poboy Sandwich Tray
Ham, roast beef, or chicken salad on fresh poboy bread cut into cocktail sandwiches. Lettuce, tomato, and mayo
$70 per 50    $135 per 100

Gumbos and Soup
1 quart = (4) 8 oz servings

Seafood Gumbo
Quart $15       1 gallon $56

Shrimp and Corn Soup
Quart $14     1 gallon $49

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Quart $15       1 gallon $56

Fried Seafood Trays
Served with tartar or cocktail sauce 5 pounds feeds 8-10 meals or 20 appetizers
10 pounds feeds 16-20 meals or 40-48 appetizers

Fried Catfish Strips
$15 per pound

Fried Shrimp
$22 per pound

Fried Oysters
Market Price per Pound

Tarter Sauce
$5.00 Pint  

Cocktail Sauce
$5.00 Pint  

Hot Dishes
1/2 pans feeds 8-10, full pan feeds 16-20

Shrimp or Crawfish Etouffee w/ Rice
$78 half pan    $152 full pan

Salad Pans
1/2 pans feeds 6-8, full pan feeds 16-20

House Salad
$18 - half pan $32 full pan

Caesar Salad
$22 half pan    $40 full pan

Grilled or Fried Chicken Caesar
$45 half pan    $85 full pan

Grilled or Fried Shrimp Caesar
$55 half pan    $105 full pan

Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad
$55 half pan    $105 full pan

Pasta Pans
1/2 pans feed 6-8, full feeds 16-20

Cajun Chicken Pasta
$45 half pan    $85 full pan

Seafood Alfredo
Shrimp and Crawfish with Penne or Fettuccine pasta
$68 half pan    $120 full pan

Garlic French Bread
10" loaf $2.00

Dessert Pans
1/2 pans feeds 12, full feeds 24

Mississippi Mud Pie
$42 half pan    $84 full pan

White Chocolate Bread Pudding
$60 half pan    $120 full pan